“Mommy Up Me!”

“Mommy Up Me!”

That’s a phrase I hear constantly as a mom of two-year-old twins. It reminds me that I’m constantly needed. And often, as any working mom (or dad for that matter) knows, that feeling of being pulled in different directions does not end when you walk out the door. Whether it’s a running to-do list of household items that need taking care of, or the buzz of the office, and client emails pulling your attention to another urgent task, I have found that finding time for myself…I should say, making time for myself…has proved necessary to keeping myself clear-headed (or as clear-headed as is to be expected), functional, and effective in the workplace and at home these last couple of years.

Not accustomed to having to make time for myself as a new mom two years ago, I found myself floundering at times. Though my colleagues graciously say I appeared to have it all together (appreciate that guys!) it did not always feel that way. I had to learn to find that time. For me, it was finding a yoga practice again – and having a supportive husband who will take morning duty with the twins a couple days a week to allow me an hour to myself.

Finding time for me has meant I can be present for the demands of two, two-year-olds, from the sweet kisses and snuggles to the splash-filled bath times; be present for the demands of the hectic #PRLife; be present for my husband; and be present for me.

Lauren Walbert

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