Living in the Moment

Fellow overly- productive practitioners  — do you regularly grade  yourself on how well you multi task?  Do you view it as a badge of professional honor?

This weekend I had a long overdue epiphany: There’s probably greater value in living in the moment    Multi-tasking, by its very nature, removes us from the immediate. It takes even the best of us on simultaneous attention detours. It robs us of deeper thinking and mental exploration in favor of more superficial attention to a task or conversation.  I for one am now committing to reducing my addiction to multi-tasking and doing a better job of listening, absorbing, appreciating and concentrating on one call, one email exchange, one face-to-face conversation at a time. I will not be texting , writing an email or  thinking about dialing my next call while you are talking to me.

What are your thoughts from your perch?

Sandy Hillman

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